My way in making music -is like my peace movent

Since i was a child in a age of ten years i make music .

I stardted with playing the recorder an the orff instruments.

So i lernt to read the nots .

Later i lernt to play the flüte ,and startet to play teh guitar .

The first teaching lessens in guitar i had at the age of 17teen.

I played a lot off classical music,but i wantet to sing and learn to play guitar while am singing ,so i

In the age of 20ty years i lernt to play the drums like conga ,bongo and djembe. But at first i lernt to make the rhythmn ,with selfmade instruments like potts ,old tons and with sand and rice filled.. bottles .

It took al little time to earn the money to buy the first own drumms. I was very proud of my first own drums , i played like a native americen ,i felt so . Ok I be a Mohican …

Very much later , in the age of 27 ,whre i was pregnant with my second son, i cant play the quitar very well , couse my stomach was so thick . So easely I startet to play the piano.

Meanwhile I play piano for a longe time ,with major interruptions . Meanwhile in this time i have born four kids and i never feel boring and ist not easy to make musicall the time. Ok meanwhile I even make music with my kids . Music is and remains a importend part in my life.

Music is like my food form my soul ,and like the air to breathe . It s for me the love and the present given me by god. For me the music is the one language of the umans and the best way to give love is to make music together .

Music is the best peace movement to bring the umans of all nations together .

So lets make music…..


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